IT Product Development Effectiveness

Case study.

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Project Description


Leading Swiss software consulting and procurement company (3000+) that helps customers optimize their software spend. Developed a SaaS product that allows to manage software portfolio and understand and optimize cloud spend.


Are our scrum teams work more effectively with every sprint?
How does the teams velocity change?
Are we on track with delivering product roadmap functionalities?
Is the backlog created and estimated?
What is current functionality development status?
What development tasks are left to reach next milestone?
Can we automate reporting we have to do every sprint review?
Can we share above knowledge between scrum and management teams?


Understand customer’s software development process and methodologies used
Understand teams’ characteristics
Evaluate integration capabilities of development management tools being used (Azure DevOps)
Deliver dashboards and reports serving information about the development progress forecast, backlog fluctuation and teams effectiveness.

The Process

Thanks to iterative approach we were able to provide a solution that fully matches our customer’s needs.